In an industry that looks to box artists into rigid categories, Mylah is one who has always looked to test boundaries. Her music is not just R&B or Soul; not exclusively sexy, trendy or classic - the different genres and aesthetics are meshed together effortlessly by this seasoned performer. Mylah's music reflects her overall personality- cool exterior and deeply passionate underneath. 

No rookie to the game, this Indiana native has been performing and writing since the age of 17. She’s worked with Grammy Award winning producers and songwriters and has been featured on MTV and VH1. She has performed at legendary venues, toured the states with soul artist Anthony David, and has provided support vocals for the legendary Ms. Lauryn Hill, Joss Stone, Kandi Burruss, & Leela James, to name a few. In 2019, Mylah headlined her very own tour in Eastern Europe and has also toured the Middle East & Africa. “Performing is definitely my passion and something that I feel like I need to do, no matter where my life takes me!” 

Mylah has released several EPs, including THE PURGE in 2018, which debuted at #24 on the iTunes R&B chart. She is currently working on a new project for 2023 release. 

"I don't write picture perfect love songs, nor do I have flawless vocals, but the music is a beautifully honest look on love and my life. I don't do cliche, because I'm not that type of girl. Honesty is key." It's that refreshing honesty and ability to tap into different musical vibes that will surely grab listeners' ears and keep Mylah making music for years to come.